Teaching High School Chemistry: Content and Instruction by Thomas P. Williams

Teaching High School Chemistry: Content and Instruction

Book Title: Teaching High School Chemistry: Content and Instruction

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1534706216

Author: Thomas P. Williams

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Thomas P. Williams with Teaching High School Chemistry: Content and Instruction

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Are you new to teaching chemistry? Possibly you have worked as a chemist and have decided to switch careers, desiring to pass on to others your love of the subject. Maybe you need ways of describing concepts that you yourself understand very well. There can often be a difference between knowing something and teaching it! Even if you are an established teacher of chemistry I hope that this work can be of benefit. It is always advantageous to have an extra description or analogy handy for those instances when you are faced with a few confused faces after presenting in a manner that usually gets the point across to most students. While in college I found it advantageous to dissect complicated material into more easily manageable components. I needed mental images and developed analogies in order to understand. Plenty of those tools which I used to learn chemistry found their way into my lectures when it was time to teach. Many students enjoyed, and found advantageous, lecture descriptions that differed from that which they read in their textbooks. I tweaked these devices over 20 years as I became more aware of student preparation and misconceptions. I make no references regarding pedagogical research or "best practice". I offer simply a good review of content, accompanied by comments regarding presentation, mental imagery, analogies, common student errors and misconceptions. In other words I attempt to make you aware of "things that worked for me". While writing this book I could not comprehend a way to discuss methods without first describing content. I have endeavored to describe these concepts in the same way I do in the classroom. This is not meant to insult your intelligence. For those who need it, this may serve as a decent basis of review. It is hoped that you will use some of my descriptions to complement what already works for you in your classroom.